Jan 16, 2011

Thar Desert/RajasthanTOP/BEST/TOURIST PLACE in India


Thar Desert

Facts About Thar

Total Area : 446000 sq kms

Area Occupied In India : 208110 sq kms

States : Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab and Haryana

Predominant Cities : Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer

Overview thar

Thar, or the Great Indian Desert, occupies the western and the north western regions of Rajasthan and proceeds further west into the mainlands of Pakistan. Apart from these two places, Thar lies stretched out in three more states of India, which are Gujarat, Punjab and Haryana. If there is any such place as a true desert, in India, it is in Rajasthan. Thar constitutes one of the five major physical divisions of India, the other four being Great Himalayas, Northern Plains, Central Plateau and the Coastal Plains (Eastern Coastal Plains and Western Coastal Plains). The physiography reveals a large area to be comprised of sands and interspersed at many places by low lying rocky hills.

Tourists Best

The Great Indian Desert provides a unique opportunity for an all exciting and adventurous tour in India. A journey through the vast stretches of sands is an inspiring one. Desert Safari is one of the most sought after adventure tours. Out against the simmering sands, the sun on your back and laid out patchwork of sand dunes and eyes ending up at the sand horizon, is a great experience. The best part of it is the travel itself. Laid back in the jeep or on the ship of the desert, in the sand sea, is one journey that leaves an impression for long.

  Thar Desert, at many places, is broken up by the low lying hills and some scant vegetation. The desert carries quite many notions of diversity. The physiography, biological life and scattered out traditional population makes it a wonderful place to explore. There are quite a number of species that thrive despite all the heat and sand. Great Indian Bustard, Black Bucks, Gazelles and Wild Asses are found in good numbers. Birds of prey can be seen soaring high over the desert sands. Commonly found species include buzzards, eagles, harriers, falcons and vultures.

Exploring the Thar Desert

Jeep Safari in Thar Desert : Jeep Safari is fast, most convenient and adventurous way to explore the desert land of Rajasthan. A fine blend of fun and excitement, Jeep Safari in Thar Desert provides you a wonderful opportunity to explore the picturesque, tranquil and magical land of Rajasthan. Jeep Safari in Thar Desert takes you to some of the most popular tourist destinations of the state. From your open-roof jeep you can get the enchanting countryside view alongwith spectacular view of forts, palaces, havelis and temples of Rajasthan. Apart from exploring the tourist destinations, you will also get a good chance to meet the local people and experience the traditional Rajasthani hospitality at its best. Jeep Safari is available from cities like Jodhpur, Bikaner and Jaisalmer which are connected to rest of the state with good roads

Camel Safari in Thar Desert : Camel Safari is the most comfortable and amazing way to explore the endless stretches of the Great Indian Thar Desert. A ride on the Camel back, provides you a wonderful opportunity to discover the unexplored regions of the Thar Desert. Besides, you also get a chance to meet the local people and observe their lifestyle. Camel Safari to Thar Desert are offered at several towns and cities of Rajasthan. Some of the popular spots where you can undertake the Camel Safari trips are Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer etc.

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